DemandZEN: A Team of Cold Calling and Appointment Setting Experts

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We’re a demand generation agency that leverages cold calling to fill your sales pipeline with qualified leads. We put in the hours setting appointments, scrubbing data, reaching out to inbound leads, and implementing bleeding-edge sales technology so your sales team can focus on closing deals!


Appointment Setting

Appointment Setting

We are masters at cold calling—and we actually love it! That makes us a rare breed. Our cold calling team has an unmatched ability to get in touch with anyone. We pique the interest of decision makers with a custom sales pitch that is to-the-point. And we pitch to some of the largest companies on the planet with great success.

We are relentless on the phone, and our conversations drive introductory meetings for our clients. Our goal is to create a unified approach to filter leads into your sales pipeline. We define disqualification criteria early on so that we only set appointments with the right prospects for your product or service.

We do the appointment setting to fill your pipeline so you focus on closing.

Our cold calling team works as an extension of your team. But with us, you don’t need to train, manage, or maintain an inside sales team. When you outsource inside sales, that means fewer distractions placed on your sales management team, as hiring is a 30-90 day process followed by months of onboarding that isn’t guaranteed to pay off.

Your internal sales efforts will be supported without the extra stress or overhead. Read what our customers have to say.

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Inbound Lead Follow-up

Inbound Lead Follow-up


DemandZEN’s team follows up on inbound leads generated by your marketing team. Sometimes, calling on inbound leads can be a little creepy when not done properly. Our cold calling team is transparent with these leads, and doesn’t assume their interests based on their online activity. Instead, that lead’s choice to download an online asset is treated as a gateway to a conversation. Our cold callers can use the leads’ familiarity with your product to their advantage.

For clients working with DemandZEN’s digital marketing agency, we put a system in place so that our cold calling team is reaching out to those leads generated by our marketing initiatives. Our clients don’t need to worry about how to pull lead lists or whether or not these leads are being called on.

Lead follow-up is a challenge for most organizations. Too often when a lead comes in, the marketing department passes it off to sales without first checking to see if it’s a viable lead. If the sales team has to then disqualify over half of these inbound leads, it reflects poorly on the oftentimes challenging marketing/sales relationship.

We’ve mastered the art of lead follow-up. To us, it’s a six step program:

  1. Find higher quality leads
  2. Scrub inbound leads as they come in, DQing unfit prospects
  3. Augment the lead information, including additional phone numbers
  4. Verify phone number(s)
  5. Call until a conversation is held
  6. Maximize yield using our closed-loop process

lead follow up

Closing the Loop

The closed-loop lead management process ensures that the number of leads your team needs to generate each week is equal to the number of leads that are exiting the program. In our program, we call until we speak to the lead, at which time they either agree to a meeting, give an internal referral, or confirms their company just isn’t a fit for your products. This means you’re getting consistent, high quality leads dropped into your sales funnel.

Data Cleansing

Data Cleansing

We don’t take data quality for granted—ever. It’s an integral part of the lead generation process. Lists get stale quickly. Quality leads move from position to position. Whether it’s a title change, company change, or email change (or all three!), you need clean data to make successful sales. That’s precisely why DemandZEN doesn’t just employ awesome cold callers. We have a team of research ninjas that work to append data through data scrubbing and a thorough investigation.

Data cleansing is a vital part of what we do at DemandZEN, and it sets us apart from cold calling centers that take a list and simply dial like wild monkeys. We care about getting the most out of available data and delivering results. That’s why research is such an important part of our sales process. We augment existing prospect data supplied by our clients using a variety of software and methodologies, ensuring titles, phone numbers, company, and other vital fields are up-to-date.

Sales Technology

Sales Technology

Servicing technology vendors internationally, we love tech ourselves. We rely on a wide variety of sales tools, and we’re always experimenting with new software to see if we can achieve better results.

We’ve mastered bleeding-edge tools that include:

  • Dialing software,
  • Proprietary research methodologies,
  • Customized CRM systems,
  • Content management software, and more.

The best part about our tool set is that we’ve streamlined it, so you don’t have to. Our clients receive the benefit of our sales technology without having to learn the software themselves.

DemandZEN also works with client tools, even if they’re not part of the usual DemandZEN tool stack. We embrace flexibility. We are open to whatever sales technology enables our team to set more meetings, clean more data, have more successful cold calls, and better integrate with our clients’ sales team.