DemandZEN focuses on demand generation by integrating your sales and marketing teams. Our goal is to create one, unified approach to filter leads into your sales pipeline.

Our closed loop marketing approach turns marketing-born leads to sales qualified leads through education and interaction.

Meeting Generation

Cold calling is an art. Most people fail miserably. The ones who do succeed are commonly not happy making cold calls over the long term. We are masters at cold calling — and we actually love it! That makes us a rare breed. Our team has an unmatched ability to get in touch with anyone, pitch our client’s offering and pique the interest of decision makers at some of the largest companies on the planet.

We are relentless on the phone, and our conversations drive introductory meetings for our clients. Read our customer success story for more details.

Closed Loop Marketing

At DemandZEN, our marketing team focuses on creating a fully optimized sales and marketing funnel that takes leads from the awareness stage to decision. Our goal is to convert qualified leads into your best customers. We do this through an array of digital marketing techniques, both proven and experimental.

We create and revamp pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns by designing highly-specific landing pages and running data-driven A/B tests to determine the most effective content. These techniques have been shown to increase conversion rates and, ultimately, advertising ROI. DemandZEN manages Bing and Google AdWords, Facebook and Twitter social media ads, as well as other versions of PPC advertising.

In addition, DemandZEN manages and creates thought leadership content focused on educating those top of the funnel (TOFU) leads that are so valuable to the future of your sales pipeline. We develop email nurture campaigns utilizing that TOFU content to keep your prospects interested.

Our team uses our expertise to guide your marketing initiatives towards success. And, We take a flexible approach, making recommendations based on what your business needs to become as successful as possible.

See the benefit our SEM campaign had in our client case study.

Tools & Integration

When you partner with DemandZEN, we integrate our lead generation campaigns with your existing business tools. New leads flow to your existing CRM, email and marketing services. And this enables you to benefit from increased demand while maintaining the convenience of your existing workflow.

We have extensive expertise with popular CRM/marketing automation systems such as HubSpot, Marketo and Eloqua. Additionally, you can leverage the suite of premium services that DemandZEN already uses for clients, including premium LinkedIn, UnBounce, WordStream, Optimizely, Bizible and more.

DemandZEN is a HubSpot Gold Certified Agency Partner

HubSpot Gold Agency Partner