Our Story — How DemandZEN Got Started

DemandZEN is a kickass lead generation science experiment that can’t be stopped. Founded in 2014 by CEO Bart Bartlett and CPO Amanda Moore, the journey toward becoming DemandZEN began in 2001.

Before DemandZEN, There Were Two

After her daughter was born, Amanda wanted to continue working in technology from her home office. She put her well-honed recruiting skills back to work and went into business for herself. What began as a part-time endeavour snowballed into a full-grown company by 2005 called Blooming Growth. Amanda and her team were experts in growing small tech startups by providing recruitment, sales, and marketing resources.

When Amanda made her first cold call on behalf of Blooming Growth in 2011, she serendipitously called Bart Bartlett at EvoApp. Two minutes after they got off the phone, Amanda had sent Bart a cold calling proposal and Bart asked Amanda to travel to Durham so they could meet in person. Amanda and her team were hired.

Amanda and Bart later worked together at ScaleIO and Acunu, where Bart was VP of Marketing and brought on Blooming Growth. When they teamed up, good things happened. Acunu was purchased by Apple and ScaleIO was purchased by DellEMC.

After ScaleIO, Bart took time to consult for tech companies. Similar to Amanda’s business, it grew naturally (and unintentionally). In 2014, Bart and Amanda saw their companies were a perfect complement to one another. Amanda and Bart both loved sales, and Bart had a soft spot for digital marketing.

The two companies merged. However, they had to change the name from “Blooming Growth” because Bart didn’t want flowers on his business cards. The play on “demand generation” was available, and they became DemandZEN. (Rumor has it Amanda still has flowers on her business cards).

In just four years, we have grown from 10 employees to 50 employees, and we’re not done yet!

DemandZEN Offers Tech Companies Efficiency

Cold Calling

When it comes to cold calling, it’s a no-brainer for small and mid-sized companies to outsource. Appointment setting is no easy task. Putting together the right sales stack, hiring employees, and ramping up quickly takes a lot of time. And results are usually mixed.

Our team makes 1.5 million cold calls every year and sets over 5,000 meetings. We have a sales team put together by an “old school” headhunter in Amanda, and we ask a lot of our team because we know they can handle it.

DemandZEN has optimized the sales workflow through rigorous testing and years of experience. We approach data acquisition and hygiene in ways that most companies don’t because of their lack of internal resources and external data tools.

Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing team is comfortable working with organizations ranging from startups to enterprises. We have highly specialized skills that leverage the latest marketing technology, so our clients can get scale quickly and placement in front of their target audience.

We aggressively adopt and test new tools to see what will give our clients the best value. And we embrace flexibility, unafraid to pause campaigns that aren’t working out or introduce large changes. Most internal teams don’t have the time or ability to test tools and test within campaigns the way the DemandZEN team does.

Marketing clients come in all different sizes. Our team can complement existing, internal marketing teams and resources by adding more capabilities and tools to their marketing program or even fulfill your entire marketing need. Whether your marketing team is one person or 10, DemandZEN recognizes the gaps and fills those in using our diversified skillset.

What Bart and Amanda Love About DemandZEN

Amanda and Bart love working with a variety of clients, which means a large variety of new challenges to face. But they have also noticed similarities within those challenges, allowing them to bring similar solutions to different clients.

DemandZEN’s impact on pipeline growth has been easily traceable in small- and mid-sized tech companies, and that has brought Amanda and Bart a lot of enjoyment.

Finally, DemandZEN creates many opportunities for employee growth. Both Amanda and Bart are proud of being able to provide an environment that pushes employees to reach their full potential. Employees who started as part-time assistants have transitioned into senior management roles. Learning is a huge priority at DemandZEN, as we continue to stay on top of trends and tools to do better work for our clients and ourselves.