DemandZEN Leadership

 Bart Bartlett, Chief Executive Officer


DemandZEN Leadership - CEO Bart BartlettAs CEO of DemandZEN, Bart is looking to build a world-class team focused on helping customers drive demand generation and their revenue process. Demand generation is a business critical but often complex process that requires a combination of strong execution and nuance in understanding prospects and the process they need to go through to convert to becoming customers. Demand generation is all about driving results and measuring their conversion into revenue over time.

Bart has four kids he enjoys spending time with and watching grow up. He is also an avid cyclist, swimmer, and pilot. DemandZEN gives him the opportunity to work with a variety of organizations on their demand generation challenges. He enjoys working to help solve complex problems in a thoughtful way. A lot of demand generations firms are not outcome-oriented. They tend to focus more on activity than results. DemandZEN has deep experience working with startups through mid-stage enterprises on ongoing pipeline development with a focus on conversion.

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Amanda Moore, Chief Product Officer


DemandZEN Leadership - CPO Amanda Moore

Amanda has made a career out of getting young, hot technology companies together with the audiences they crave. She graduated from Meredith College with a degree in Mass Communications and immediately started communicating with the masses as a white-collar technical recruiter. After a few months as part of a corporate machine, she was recruited by one of her startup clients into the exciting, roller-coaster life of an early-stage tech company, where she was dubbed ‘Manager of People.’ (She requested ‘Queen of People,’ but they didn’t acquiesce). Although the company didn’t survive the first Dot-Com Bubble, Amanda’s love of the startup culture did.

She continued as a high-tech recruiter with a focus on startups, using her one-of-a-kind blend of persistence, acumen, and Southern charm to identify and persuade the best and brightest talent to risk all and come work for her clients. With Amanda, it’s not about filling a role on a job board but about finding a perfect fit.

For Amanda, that same ability to identify the perfect needle in a moving (and sometimes burning) haystack and draw it out led naturally to DemandZEN’s expansion to inside sales. In this capacity, she and her team seek, find and deliver audiences made up of top decision makers across any industry. She has found and driven leads in e-commerce, networking, big data, storage, virtualization, cloud technologies, healthcare and more, all while growing her company and team. Her focus is knocking down doors for great new technologies and connecting them with the right audience.

She resides in North Carolina with her husband and daughter. She may look like your average soccer mom, but secretly, she spends her time plotting world domination, while playing mom with one of the coolest kids on earth.

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Marina Cat, Chief Security Officer


DemandZEN Leadership - CSO Marina Cat

Marina Cat is a scruffy-looking, tough feline with a laser-sharp focus on world domination (and mice). Don’t let his rugged good looks and intimidating exterior fool you, though. Marina Cat is a loving, loyal companion, and this attribute makes him the perfect Chief Security Officer for DemandZEN. Before being hired by DemandZEN, Marina Cat spent his days as a secret agent. He investigated matters of global security, hunted and captured international fugitives (and mice), and led secret missions and covert operations.

As the company’s CSO, Marina Cat splits his time working from the warmth of his home office and the bustling local marina. He works with DemandZEN’s executive leadership team to develop effective strategies to manage risk, maintain smooth operations, and keep the organization free from rodents. You can catch him on his lunch break confiscating coolers of fresh fish from boaters — for security purposes, of course.

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Diane Ambrose, Operations and Systems Administrator


DemandZEN Leadership - Diane AmbroseAs a former high school math and computer science teacher, Diane is a self-proclaimed math nerd and computer geek which makes her job as Director of Operations at DemandZEN a perfect fit for her. She revels in working through the issues presented as DemandZEN grows, finding solutions to help the business run smoothly on a daily basis. DemandZEN gives her the opportunity to be constantly learning about all things operations.

When Diane isn’t directing the operations for DemandZEN, she stays busy directing the operations at the Ambrose household. The flexibility of her schedule at work allows Diane to play taxi driver to her two active daughters after school. Diane enjoys spending time with her family, reading a good book with a nice cup of coffee, and hanging out with friends. You can also find her cheering on her favorite sports teams, including the Carolina Panthers, the Tar Heels, and any teams her kids are playing on!

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Lauren Dixon, Account and Customer Experience Manager


DemandZEN Leadership - Lauren DixonAs Account Manager and Customer Experience Manager, Lauren aims to deliver excellence when it comes to communication and client expectations. Her journey at DemandZEN is a unique one. She started at DemandZEN part-time during college while majoring in Dance Performance and Theory. Starting in this capacity allowed Lauren to learn many parts of the business. After graduating college, she was lucky enough to be offered the full-time position as Account Manager and Customer Experience Manager. This was the most organic transition since Lauren had done just about everything you could imagine here at DemandZEN, from basic data entry to managing a team of 13. She now has over 2 years of experience in managing clients and delivering awesome results.

Lauren lives in North Carolina with her husband and two pups. She loves spending time with family and friends in her free time. Fun fact: Lauren teaches dance at night to kids ages 3-18 in her spare time. In her own words, “Yes, I am an insane person and work is my life and my passion!”

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Savannah Rezabek, Manager – Marketing Practice


Savannah RezabekDigital marketing is not for the faint of heart, and Savannah likes to be at the head of the charge. As the Manager of the Marketing Practice, she works with her team to develop and execute tailored digital marketing strategies focused on KPIs measured against specific goals. She’s dedicated to learning, implementing, and using the latest tools to best help customers achieve their goals. From brand awareness to lead generation and everything in between, Savannah specializes in marketing operations and creating omnichannel digital marketing strategies.

Savannah’s world centers around two 90+ pound lap dogs, an Alaskan Malamute that hates the snow and a fetch-obsessed chocolate Lab. She loves traveling, is an avid reader, and enjoys staying active through hiking, hitting the gym, and hot yoga. Working at DemandZEN gives her the rare opportunity to work with a variety of companies in different stages and industries to solve interesting challenges while also balancing a healthy home life.

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