Customer Testimonials

John Armstrong

Head of Product Marketing

“The DemandZEN team arrived (virtually) at Zettaset with their martech hats on and rapidly gained traction, organizing and automating everything from nurture campaigns to content generation to daily workflow. They understand the urgency and pace that’s required in a lean start-up. DemandZEN established a replicable process for lead-gen which could easily scale when needed, and effectively turbo-charged our inbound marketing processes in a matter of weeks. Their professional approach and upbeat attitude makes them a pleasure to work with!”

Todd Blaschka


“Amanda and the DemandZEN team are a fantastic inside sales organization to work with. They require no hand holding and go above and beyond to deliver quality results. I’m on the west coast and their team is mostly on the east coast and it never ceases to amaze me when they respond to my requests well after working hours. If you are looking to quickly build your pipeline without the headache of training DemandZEN is the way to go.”

Amy Meyers

Enterprise Sales

“Amanda and her team have done an outstanding job in generating leads for ShopVisible. We have a highly complex product that is extremely hard to communicate to a potential prospect during the cold call. It is literally like selling a house over the phone. For the last 2+ years Amanda’s team has continually gotten qualified leads that have turned into sales from some of the top online retailers and brands in the country. We highly recommend her!”

David Fishman


“DemandZEN nails the walk-the-walk, with a minimum of that noisy talk-the-talk one often gets from marketing agencies. They don’t compromise on well-organized execution to acquire leads and transform them into revenue. But what I appreciated most from working with them is that their team is constantly learning how better to make marketing work better, taking no assumptions for granted. In short words: they tell it like it is, figure it out, and get it done.”

Steve Hunter


“We have enjoyed working with DemandZEN. They were able to work with us in a fairly short period of time to focus our search efforts and increase the hits/calls our campaign was generating. Where our prior efforts were generating perhaps 1 call a week, we now typically receive 2-3 calls per day from our ad campaigns.”

Melissa Sargent

VP of Marketing

“DemandZEN is our go-to strategic partner for tele-prospecting. They get us quality meetings with the right targets, in the right companies that result in a steady stream of new business opportunities for our organization.”

Dai Clegg


“Amanda’s team is probably the most effective cold callers I have ever worked with. Her flexibility and pro-active attitude means I can switch & refine targets and still get great results and total visibility into my campaigns.”

Gloria Santilo


“DemandZEN has great attention to detail, an understanding of our business, and an understanding of what our goals are. They have helped moved those processes along.”