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Connecting with Customers Digitally

As dispersed companies grow and evolve, connecting with customers digitally becomes both easier and harder. Theoretically, we never have to miss a message because we receive notifications on our phones, laptops, and tablets. But we also use several different email accounts and communication platforms, which can become confusing and hard to track. Communication can also be more strenuous when face-to-face contact isn’t possible. It is difficult to gauge interest or… Read More »Connecting with Customers Digitally
The Martian - Implementing a Partner Program

Developing a Partner Program, pt 4: Implementing the Program

Implementing a partner program is not easy. There are a lot of stakeholders and a lot of moving parts. While you may be excited to get things going, it’s important not to rush. Rushing leads to mistakes. Make realistic timelines for each task and roll out the program progressively, in stages. Use a Project Management Tool Email is great. Excel is also great. However, for complex projects they have limitations… Read More »Developing a Partner Program, pt 4: Implementing the Program
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Managing a Remote Sales Team: The Importance of Face Time

Face time. It’s necessary for your customers, but it’s even more necessary for your employees. If you’re managing a remote sales team, you have a responsibility to ensure that your employees feel valued. But that can be difficult when you’re thousands of miles apart and talk only when necessary. One of the core obstacles of managing a remote sales team is overcoming the absence of office camaraderie. Remote employees need… Read More »Managing a Remote Sales Team: The Importance of Face Time

What’s the Best Sales CRM for Your Business?

Finding the best sales CRM fit for your business It can be a long, hard road to finding the best sales CRM for your business. For most offices, it’s an intense process of trial and error to find one that fits. In sales, we make difficult decisions all of the time that directly affect the company’s bottom line. We need to choose our targets, set goals, and decide if certain… Read More »What’s the Best Sales CRM for Your Business?
sales and marketing alignment

The White Whale: Sales and Marketing Alignment

Everyone is well aware of the struggle that exists between marketing and sales departments. You might be a sales manager who struggles to get what you need from marketing. Maybe you’re a marketer who feels the materials you provide the sales team never get used. Despite working in the same office, these two departments can feel like two, totally separate worlds. But it’s important to remember that though the work… Read More »The White Whale: Sales and Marketing Alignment
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Generate Demand for your clients using the testing methodology

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Bart Bartlett has been in the game for more than 20 years. In 2014, after more than nine start-up companies, he took that experience and partnered with Amanda Moore to create DemandZEN, an agency made of a world-class team focused on driving demand generation in order to support a client’s revenue process. Bart believes demand generation is a business critical, but often complex process, that requires a combination of strong… Read More »Generate Demand for your clients using the testing methodology