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Best Interactive Content Tools for Marketers

The Best Interactive Content Tools to Use

So, you’re sold on interactive content. Now what? Since you’ve decided to make your content more engaging, let’s explore the best ways in which to do this. The next step in your content journey is to find the right tool to build your interactive content. This can be difficult, as the interactive content market is still fairly new. There are dozens of options to choose from, but we’re going to… Read More »The Best Interactive Content Tools to Use
Interactive Content Marketing Strategy

How Interactive Content is Going to Change Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing is all about attracting attention and eliciting engagement. People are inundated with content — it’s everywhere. So how can a business stand out? It’s not enough to simply churn out weekly pieces of content. In order to cut through the noise, content has to be high quality, informative, innovative, and visually appealing. And mobile friendly. Shareable. Unique. And now, interactive.   What is Interactive Content? Interactive content is content… Read More »How Interactive Content is Going to Change Your Marketing Strategy
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Tips For Creating Beautiful Visual Content Marketing

Usually when we think of content marketing, we think of writing content. After all, content such as blogs, whitepapers, guides, landing pages, email nurtures, and checklists rule the digital marketing world. But while the copy is important for those elements, engaging content is more than just clever wordplay. Visual content marketing is a huge piece of the puzzle. After all, a bad template or subpar image can ruin your amazing… Read More »Tips For Creating Beautiful Visual Content Marketing
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Getting Started with Content Creation: The Right Way to Write

It’s no secret that content creation is more important than ever before. Your prospects are online, researching constantly. You need to have relevant material available for them at all stages of the buyer’s journey. In addition to that, you need content to build out campaigns. Your PPC campaigns, email nurtures, and organic social strategies depend on content marketing. Without a good content creation strategy (or no content creation strategy for… Read More »Getting Started with Content Creation: The Right Way to Write
DemandZEN - recycle content

How to Recycle Content Effectively

You’ve posted, promoted, and republished your content. It’s great information that your prospects value, and it’s fulfilling its current purpose, such as brand awareness or lead generation. But you want to get your message to a wider audience without resharing your content one more time. So, just how do you recycle content effectively? This blog post will look at a few different ways you can transform your current content into… Read More »How to Recycle Content Effectively
DemandZEN - content promotion best practices

Simple Content Promotion Best Practices: Promote Early and Often

Content promotion is not just pushing it live. After you publish your content to your website, it still needs attention. While one method for getting the most out of your content is to recycle it, in this post I want to focus on what you can do with something without repurposing the content piece into different formats. Don’t change it. Share it. Here’s how and where. This post will highlight… Read More »Simple Content Promotion Best Practices: Promote Early and Often
canva marketing tool of the month

DemandZEN’s Marketing Tool of the Month: Canva

Finding the right tools and processes for your business takes time and money. That’s why, each month, we highlight a tool that solves a different business problem. This allows you to learn about different tools that could be a great fit for your business without the stress. In this post, we’ll focus on Canva. Canva Canva is a marketing tool for the creation, design, and distribution of graphics and documents.… Read More »DemandZEN’s Marketing Tool of the Month: Canva
what is gated content

What is Gated Content?

What is Gated Content? To answer this question simply, gated content (or an “asset”) is anything that a company places behind a form. It’s something that you’ve determined is valuable enough to warrant a transaction of information from your customer or prospect in return for the asset. But not everything is gated content, and the same form just won’t do for each piece. Just like any other content, you need… Read More »What is Gated Content?
content marketing for b2b

Using Content Marketing to Drive Sales in B2B

Content marketing is often referred to as the art of communicating with customers and prospects without selling. It allows companies to educate and inform people about their offerings while smoothly guiding them towards a purchase. Content marketing helps businesses of all sizes and industries get meaningful results. However, some dispute the power of content marketing for B2B companies when it comes to sales. Can content drive sales for B2B? Today’s… Read More »Using Content Marketing to Drive Sales in B2B