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Lions, Tigers and Social Media Marketing – Oh My!

When it comes to our personal lives, social media is commonplace nowadays. No, it’s more than that – social media is expected. Everyone who’s anyone is on Facebook and Twitter. Most people are on Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest; social options are endless. We live in an age where people don’t think twice about sharing integral parts of their lives on the internet of things. So, why, when some marketers step through… Read More »Lions, Tigers and Social Media Marketing – Oh My!

Are you spamming your database?

As marketers, our number one priority is to support the sales’ pipeline and help deals close. Often, we’re asked to perform magic with no budget, time, or resources. If the magic works, we’re often the unsung heroes. If it doesn’t….well, we’ve all seen how that can play out, too. Many times, we end up emailing our database with everything we’ve got to try to squeeze out another SQL. But, how… Read More »Are you spamming your database?

Crafting the perfect meta description

If you’ve done a recent SEO audit of your site, you may have noticed the auditor mentioned your meta descriptions. The SEO auditor may say it’s not a huge deal to leave it as a snippet of text from your site, but don’t believe it. You’re actually missing a huge opportunity to harness organic traffic. In this post, we’ll walk you through what a meta description is, what it does, and… Read More »Crafting the perfect meta description
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SEO For Dummies

How To Tackle SEO When you enter the world of marketing there are many acronyms you must use and learn to be able to keep up. However, there is one that really stands out among the marketing world and that everyone talks about; SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. In short, this is the aspect of online marketing that decides how well your website pages will perform on search engines. SEO… Read More »SEO For Dummies
mobile marketing is the new black

Mobile Marketing is the New Black

When it comes to marketing, the world is ever-changing and it can be quite the challenge to keep up. One of the newest, and largest, marketing trends is mobile marketing. The days of sitting at a computer and or laptop to research a product or service are things of the past. Mobile marketing is the new black. Now, consumers have the leisure of picking up a tablet or smartphone to… Read More »Mobile Marketing is the New Black

How To: Engage A Millennial

Welcome to the next generation of marketing If you want to engage the age of the Millennial with your marketing campaigns, then you better plan to implement video. That’s right; video needs to be a huge part of your marketing tactics to engage a Millennial. When it comes to this generation, they would much rather watch a YouTube video on your marketing campaign than read an article or even hear… Read More »How To: Engage A Millennial
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To List Buy or Not to List Buy?

Isn’t that always the question? Whether your business is just starting out or is incredibly well established, the simple fact is you’ll always need new prospects. In today’s business economy, there is no such thing as “maintaining a good thing.” If your business and sales aren’t growing, your company is dying. So, what do you do about it?  The answer seems simple, doesn’t it? List buy. There are plenty of vendors out there… Read More »To List Buy or Not to List Buy?
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Google Adwords – It’s Expensive to Be Average

WordStream is a tool that we commonly use to progressively optimize Google Adwords accounts. They’ve recently written a detailed blog post on Adwords Click Through Rates (CTRs) by industry. We are going to talk a bit about the averages in Technology and what they mean in practice. A dirty little secret of Adwords is that it’s highly optimized for Google to make money. A lot of it. I’m sure that… Read More »Google Adwords – It’s Expensive to Be Average
welcome email

Why a Welcome Email is Important

…and how to maximize its effect. A welcome email is one of the most important emails, and campaigns, to set up in your system and should be one of the first things you do. A lead that has filled out a form is literally asking for it, so it’s a great way to establish a connection to your lead and their inbox, as well as the fact that it’s the… Read More »Why a Welcome Email is Important
marketing how to craft a thank you page

Marketing How To: Craft a Thank-You Page

Marketing is hard. Understanding the nuances of every different buyer type, providing content and offers they really need at the right time with the right message to catch their eye is incredibly difficult. That’s why it’s easy to understand that when someone fills out your form (success!) it’s tempting to provide them an inline confirmation that their submission has been received and move on to the next marketing activity. But… Read More »Marketing How To: Craft a Thank-You Page