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motivate your sales team

Ways to Motivate Your Sales Team

Does it feel like your business can make more sales and profits? The chances are that if you better motivate your sales team, you might get very different results. And, to motivate your sales team better, there are a couple of things you need to consider. Want to motivate your sales team? Find out what they want! In business, more often than not, cash is king. Cash bonuses and prizes… Read More »Ways to Motivate Your Sales Team
effective email subject lines

Effective Subject Lines for Follow-Up Emails

You just got off the phone with a promising lead. You told them you’d be sending them all of the information needed to make a purchasing decision. You use a great template, or you craft a completely new email. Co-workers check it and give you the thumbs up. Hit send, and now you wait. And unfortunately, you don’t always get a response that first time. Without effective subject lines for… Read More »Effective Subject Lines for Follow-Up Emails
business mantras

Business Mantras for Your Sales Team

What are business mantras? In Hindu or Buddhist culture, a mantra is something sacred that you repeat to yourself. It’s a way of focusing your energy. Often, it’s only syllable. Literally, the word is sanskrit for “Sacred utterance.” But when we say mantra, we mean something a little different. In sales, business mantras are a phrase that we keep close. We repeat it when we need to. Like traditional mantras,… Read More »Business Mantras for Your Sales Team
cold emails to busy people

Using Cold Email to Land Meetings

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Are you one of those people having doubts about cold email as a business-generation tactic? Perhaps you’ve even heard some cynics say that cold email is “a waste of time”. Let me assure you, cold email can be an amazing way to grow your business. Cold email can help you win great publicity, promote your articles, scale your startup, or even earn you some new powerful friends. In this article, we’ll cover… Read More »Using Cold Email to Land Meetings
connecting with customers digitally

Connecting with Customers Digitally

As dispersed companies grow and evolve, connecting with customers digitally becomes both easier and harder. Theoretically, we never have to miss a message because we receive notifications on our phones, laptops, and tablets. But we also use several different email accounts and communication platforms, which can become confusing and hard to track. Communication can also be more strenuous when face-to-face contact isn’t possible. It is difficult to gauge interest or… Read More »Connecting with Customers Digitally

Proven Methods to Build Rapport During Cold Calls

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Cold calling – the infamous first contact dreaded by many marketers. You’re calling strangers, perhaps interrupting them in something, and you’re bracing yourself for unpleasant reactions. Cold calls are definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, and it does take some work to get them right. But they don’t have to be the scary side of marketing. Cold calling can be an incredibly effective marketing tool, but since you’re contacting your… Read More »Proven Methods to Build Rapport During Cold Calls