Sales Operations

What’s the Best Sales CRM for Your Business?

Finding the best sales CRM fit for your business It can be a long, hard road to finding the best sales CRM for your business. For most offices, it’s an intense process of trial and error to find one that fits. In sales, we make difficult decisions all of the time that directly affect the company’s bottom line. We need to choose our targets, set goals, and decide if certain… Read More »What’s the Best Sales CRM for Your Business?
sales and marketing alignment

The White Whale: Sales and Marketing Alignment

Everyone is well aware of the struggle that exists between marketing and sales departments. You might be a sales manager who struggles to get what you need from marketing. Maybe you’re a marketer who feels the materials you provide the sales team never get used. Despite working in the same office, these two departments can feel like two, totally separate worlds. But it’s important to remember that though the work… Read More »The White Whale: Sales and Marketing Alignment
b2b sales strategies - confident approach

7 Powerful B2B Sales Strategies

Selling to companies is quite different than selling to individual customers. B2B sales tend to be larger in volume and more financially driven. As a result, this business model calls for specific B2B sales strategies, skill sets and a highly customized sales approach. So, what are the key sales drivers for a successful B2B business?  7 of the best B2B sales strategies that can change your business The strategies you… Read More »7 Powerful B2B Sales Strategies
connect remote employees

Managing and Training Remote Employees

By: Amanda Moore, Chief Product Officer When I started DemandZEN, my partner and I decided we wanted one of our company’s core values to be to provide a family-friendly, flexible environment for all employees. It was that decision that led us to give everyone the option to work remotely. A team made entirely of remote employees is a challenge, but allows us to provide a unique benefit to our entire team,… Read More »Managing and Training Remote Employees