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Motivational Sales Quotes to Get You Through the Week

Selling isn’t easy. There can be a lot of rejection along the way to closing a sale. Until that moment, there can be day-to-day frustration augmented by bad calls and sales goal pressure. But sales can also be fun, and rewarding. That’s why we’ve compiled these motivational sales quotes get you through the week. 1. “Don’t watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going.” Comedian, writer, and journalist, Sam… Read More »Motivational Sales Quotes to Get You Through the Week
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Underutilized Sales Closing Strategies

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There is nothing as exciting for sales professionals as closing a sale quickly and successfully. The process of selling is not only about the effort made; it’s also about that final moment that determines whether or not your closing strategies will pay off. In the ocean of sales closing strategies available nowadays, there are still a few which are effective, yet underutilized. These closing strategies are being neglected over time… Read More »Underutilized Sales Closing Strategies
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Ways to Motivate Your Sales Team

Does it feel like your business can make more sales and profits? The chances are that if you better motivate your sales team, you might get very different results. And, to motivate your sales team better, there are a couple of things you need to consider. Want to motivate your sales team? Find out what they want! In business, more often than not, cash is king. Cash bonuses and prizes… Read More »Ways to Motivate Your Sales Team

Here’s How Your CRM can Help Convert Leads

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Customer relationship management (CRM) is a set of business strategies designed to optimize business-customer interaction with the ultimate goal of driving sales growth. It’s an integrated approach involving marketing, sales, customer care, and tech support. The use of CRM technology is also one of the best ways to convert leads. Of course, simply purchasing CRM software won’t do the trick. You need to carefully deploy your CRM strategy across the company.… Read More »Here’s How Your CRM can Help Convert Leads
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Business Mantras for Your Sales Team

What are business mantras? In Hindu or Buddhist culture, a mantra is something sacred that you repeat to yourself. It’s a way of focusing your energy. Often, it’s only syllable. Literally, the word is sanskrit for “Sacred utterance.” But when we say mantra, we mean something a little different. In sales, business mantras are a phrase that we keep close. We repeat it when we need to. Like traditional mantras,… Read More »Business Mantras for Your Sales Team
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Which Hubspot certification is right for you?

HubSpot is one of the fastest growing platforms in the industry. With all of its integrations and how simple it makes connecting sales and marketing, it’s no wonder. As a result, adding a HubSpot certification to your resume can be a great way to open doors and progress in your career. But, with so many, how do you choose which HubSpot certification is right for you? In this post, we’ll… Read More »Which Hubspot certification is right for you?
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Which Project Management Tool Should You Use?

Yes, you need project management software It shouldn’t be a secret that companies need to use project management tools to stay organized. If your company isn’t using one already, you might find it difficult to track your projects and maintain high employee productivity. Project management software is not meant to micromanage (as some employees might fear) but, instead, meant to provide a place where teams communicate and collaborate with complete… Read More »Which Project Management Tool Should You Use?
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Managing a Remote Sales Team: The Importance of Face Time

Face time. It’s necessary for your customers, but it’s even more necessary for your employees. If you’re managing a remote sales team, you have a responsibility to ensure that your employees feel valued. But that can be difficult when you’re thousands of miles apart and talk only when necessary. One of the core obstacles of managing a remote sales team is overcoming the absence of office camaraderie. Remote employees need… Read More »Managing a Remote Sales Team: The Importance of Face Time

What’s the Best Sales CRM for Your Business?

Finding the best sales CRM fit for your business It can be a long, hard road to finding the best sales CRM for your business. For most offices, it’s an intense process of trial and error to find one that fits. In sales, we make difficult decisions all of the time that directly affect the company’s bottom line. We need to choose our targets, set goals, and decide if certain… Read More »What’s the Best Sales CRM for Your Business?