Submit Google Adwords Trademark Complaint

Submitting a Google AdWords Trademark Complaint

  Have you noticed someone camping on your brand in an ad campaign? While it’s OK for other brands to use your trademarked name as a keyword, it is not alright for them to include your trademark in the text of an ad. And you need to put a stop to it. This post will give the quick rundown on how to submit a Google AdWords trademark complaint. Why should… Read More »Submitting a Google AdWords Trademark Complaint
optimize your linkedin ads

3 Strategies to Optimize Your LinkedIn Ads

Social media marketing for B2B businesses has become an important part of the paid advertising puzzle. LinkedIn is especially popular in the B2B space. As social media becomes more ingrained in our culture, businesses are testing these platforms to not only bring in new sales, but also to nurture leads in their existing databases. Every advertising venture needs a solid strategy. Optimizing your LinkedIn ads is one way to maximize… Read More »3 Strategies to Optimize Your LinkedIn Ads
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5 Ways to Improve Your Advertising ROI

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  There are many rules to the advertising game, and they’re ever-changing. You’re constantly conforming to new standards while fighting for your brand to stay top-of-mind. At the same time, traditional advertising mediums are dwindling in numbers. With those challenges always looming, here are 5 ways to improve your advertising ROI: 1. Advertise where your core users spend a lot of their time This may seem like an obvious place… Read More »5 Ways to Improve Your Advertising ROI
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The Importance of Creating a Mobile Ad Campaign

The dominance of mobile usage isn’t just imminent–it’s here. If you don’t have a clear mobile ad campaign strategy to promote your brand on mobile devices, you’ll fall behind your competitors. So get ahead by investing in mobile ads. Who are the Mobile Users? Mobile users aren’t just tweens on social media. They are also business users checking their email, searching on Google, and making purchases. A lot of important… Read More »The Importance of Creating a Mobile Ad Campaign

Effective PPC Strategies in 2016

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When it comes to click-based marketing, there are new PPC strategies being created every day. Unfortunately this means there are too many options for your own good. You might fall for the hype and waste money on the latest “ppc tricks”. Or you might do the opposite mistake and resort to old strategies that no longer work. In order to have a successful business running successful online campaigns, you need to… Read More »Effective PPC Strategies in 2016
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Google Adwords – It’s Expensive to Be Average

WordStream is a tool that we commonly use to progressively optimize Google Adwords accounts. They’ve recently written a detailed blog post on Adwords Click Through Rates (CTRs) by industry. We are going to talk a bit about the averages in Technology and what they mean in practice. A dirty little secret of Adwords is that it’s highly optimized for Google to make money. A lot of it. I’m sure that… Read More »Google Adwords – It’s Expensive to Be Average
AdWords Keywords

Finding the right keywords for your AdWords campaign

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In Google AdWords, you begin building campaigns by selecting keywords to target. This task is more challenging than it sounds, and if you want your campaign to succeed, it’s essential that you do it well. While it’s easy enough to generate a list of words that relate to your business, they may not be valuable in the context of a paid search campaign. When we develop keywords for our clients, here are some important qualities… Read More »Finding the right keywords for your AdWords campaign