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mobile marketing is the new black

Mobile Marketing is the New Black

When it comes to marketing, the world is ever-changing and it can be quite the challenge to keep up. One of the newest, and largest, marketing trends is mobile marketing. The days of sitting at a computer and or laptop to research a product or service are things of the past. Mobile marketing is the new black. Now, consumers have the leisure of picking up a tablet or smartphone to… Read More »Mobile Marketing is the New Black

How To: Engage A Millennial

Welcome to the next generation of marketing If you want to engage the age of the Millennial with your marketing campaigns, then you better plan to implement video. That’s right; video needs to be a huge part of your marketing tactics to engage a Millennial. When it comes to this generation, they would much rather watch a YouTube video on your marketing campaign than read an article or even hear… Read More »How To: Engage A Millennial