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Know Your Hashtag History

Sure, you use hashtags daily. You might even speak in hashtags (ironically, of course). But do you know the details of how the hashtag was born and evolved over time? If you’re going to make it as a social media marketer, it’s important that you know your hashtag history. The beginning Chris Messina is the inventor of the hashtag. He tweeted the first hashtag in 2007. He was employed at… Read More »Know Your Hashtag History
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The Importance of Creating a Mobile Ad Campaign

The dominance of mobile usage isn’t just imminent–it’s here. If you don’t have a clear mobile ad campaign strategy to promote your brand on mobile devices, you’ll fall behind your competitors. So get ahead by investing in mobile ads. Who are the Mobile Users? Mobile users aren’t just tweens on social media. They are also business users checking their email, searching on Google, and making purchases. A lot of important… Read More »The Importance of Creating a Mobile Ad Campaign
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B2B Online Marketing: Targeting the Person Behind the Desk

Tossing Aside Traditional B2B Online Marketing Motivation is often cited as a primary difference between B2B online marketing and B2C online marketing. We usually think that B2B buyers are motivated by dollars and cents while B2C is motivated by personal reasons. While that is true to an extent, it’s important to keep in mind that personal value exists in the B2B space. According to a 2013 CEB Global study where… Read More »B2B Online Marketing: Targeting the Person Behind the Desk
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How to Make Marketing Memes Work for Your B2B Strategy

What’s in a Meme? If  you’ve ever accessed the internet, you’ve encountered a meme. On your way to this blog post, you probably even laughed at a few. While traditionally image macros (photographs superimposed with a humorous caption) come to mind when thinking of a meme, they can be much more than that. The term “meme” was coined in 1976 by Richard Dawkins to describe a phrase, concept, or element… Read More »How to Make Marketing Memes Work for Your B2B Strategy
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What to Avoid When Building Backlinks

What are Backlinks? For those who have never encountered the term, Backlinks (or inbound links) are links on a site that point to a page on a different website. Building backlinks is a natural occurrence on the web: people regularly link to relevant content from relevant sites. It’s how you can wind up on a roller rink page 15 minutes after landing on the page for your favorite local restaurant.… Read More »What to Avoid When Building Backlinks
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Gamification Strategies: Badges in B2B Marketing

  Gamification can be daunting. Fully embracing gamification strategies means you’re going to be spending time, money, and a whole lot of effort on something that might not entice your user base. But done correctly, you’ve created a powerful engagement tool that will continue working for you in a way that other B2B marketing campaigns cannot compete with. Good gamification should fulfill our fundamental needs for autonomy, competence, and relatability.… Read More »Gamification Strategies: Badges in B2B Marketing
5 Newsletter Tips You Need to Know so Your Newsletter Doesn't Crash and Burn

5 Newsletter Tips You Need to Know So Yours Doesn’t Crash and Burn

Hi, my name is Kelsey, and I’m a marketer that has unsubscribed to a MARKETING newsletter even though I know exactly how heartbreaking that is for metrics. Everyone say it with me, *Hi Kelsey*. Welcome to Marketers Anonymous. This week, we’re talking about newsletters. More specifically, I’m covering 5 newsletter tips to help you be successful. The kind of tips that won’t tempt marketers (or anyone relevant) to unsubscribe. Let the… Read More »5 Newsletter Tips You Need to Know So Yours Doesn’t Crash and Burn

Effective PPC Strategies in 2016

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When it comes to click-based marketing, there are new PPC strategies being created every day. Unfortunately this means there are too many options for your own good. You might fall for the hype and waste money on the latest “ppc tricks”. Or you might do the opposite mistake and resort to old strategies that no longer work. In order to have a successful business running successful online campaigns, you need to… Read More »Effective PPC Strategies in 2016
9 Helpful Tools for Marketers

9 Helpful Tools for Marketers

Let’s face it. Being a marketer is an ever-evolving job. It’s not all fun and games like the Finance department makes it out to be (kidding, Finance — you’re cool). Marketers’ lives are hard. Every week there’s either some new app to use or try, a new action to analyze, a change to SEO algorithms, or a new trend that somehow invades every facet of life (Gangnam Style, anyone?). Everything… Read More »9 Helpful Tools for Marketers
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Lions, Tigers and Social Media Marketing – Oh My!

When it comes to our personal lives, social media is commonplace nowadays. No, it’s more than that – social media is expected. Everyone who’s anyone is on Facebook and Twitter. Most people are on Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest; social options are endless. We live in an age where people don’t think twice about sharing integral parts of their lives on the internet of things. So, why, when some marketers step through… Read More »Lions, Tigers and Social Media Marketing – Oh My!