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Get More Sales With These Six Inbound Marketing Tips

Why is inbound marketing gaining such steam? Why are so many people saying that inbound marketing is the future? Is it hype, is it real? Let’s look into this and find out. The fact is that people don’t respond to traditional interruptive ads as much as they used to. They reach for the remote when commercials are on or record shows so they don’t have to watch the ads. When… Read More »Get More Sales With These Six Inbound Marketing Tips

Everything You Need To Know About Account-Based Marketing

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Account-based marketing (ABM) has been getting a lot of attention lately, and for a good reason. The strategy itself isn’t new. What is new is that now it’s easier to deploy, thanks to the availability of new IT solutions. Why is this? ABM requires extensive research to identify targets and create highly personalized marketing campaigns. This takes considerable time and resources. Today, B2B buyer data is everywhere on the web.… Read More »Everything You Need To Know About Account-Based Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

In the past, we’ve talked about tips on how to get started with digital marketing, and we’ve even told you what to look for in an agency. But, one thing we haven’t done is talk about what digital marketing is. Many times, no one really knows what marketing does. They’re that team with the open floor plan that seems to have meetings constantly. They don’t call prospects, they just send… Read More »What is Digital Marketing?

Five easy ways to boost sales with customer education

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With customer education being such an amazing way to gain and keep customers, why isn’t every business doing it? Well, a lot of businesses are under the false assumption that doing quality marketing is sufficient to keep customers informed. This line of reasoning says “We just need to tell them why our latest products, services, and features are oh so awesome, right?” Wrong! That’s a very limiting view. Some even… Read More »Five easy ways to boost sales with customer education
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When Do You Use Emojis in Subject Lines?

Digital marketing is all about leveraging the right tools in your toolbox. And these days, our toolbox includes emojis. You’ve probably noticed emojis popping up in your inbox every once in awhile. And maybe you’ve been tempted to use them in your next campaign. After all, there is evidence it works: Experian reported that brands that choose to use emojis in subject lines experience a 45% increase in unique open… Read More »When Do You Use Emojis in Subject Lines?
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How to Stick to Your Marketing Plan

For a lot of marketers, the hardest part isn’t developing a marketing plan. It’s the execution of that plan. We’ve focused on why teams fail to execute in the past, but now we want to switch gears. Let’s look at what you can do to make sure you stick to your marketing plan. Use a project management system First things first: You need a project management system. This allows you… Read More »How to Stick to Your Marketing Plan
Facebook Fake News

Facebook is Fed Up with Fake News

If you’re one of the nearly 2 billion people active on Facebook, you’ve probably experienced Facebook’s fake news epidemic. We have good news: fake news on Facebook is taking a hit from the platform’s recent API change. And for good reason. A recent study shows 62% of adults in the United States get their news on social media, making fake news a great cause for concern. And Facebook felt the… Read More »Facebook is Fed Up with Fake News

DemandZEN’s Digital Marketing Tool of the Month: SEMrush

Every month, we highlight a different tool our team uses that can help businesses like yours solve problems. Because we want your team to learn about great new tools without investing a lot of time into research. We are excited to introduce our marketing tool of the month: SEMrush. This tool allows marketing teams of all sizes to tackle the essentials of business success. From technical SEO audits to advertising… Read More »DemandZEN’s Digital Marketing Tool of the Month: SEMrush

Everything You Need to Know About 404 Errors

Defining 404 Errors 404 is one type of response code that web servers use to respond to a request for a URL. Usually, when a person requests a page that doesn’t exist, she will see a 404 (not found) error. It’s telling the visitor that a page could not be found at this time but may be available in the future and likely existed in the past. But, 404 errors… Read More »Everything You Need to Know About 404 Errors

Trend Advertising: Game of Thrones Edition

HBO’s Game of Thrones premieres tonight and everyone is talking about it. Season 7 is highly anticipated because it’s the first season to go beyond George R.R. Martin’s highly acclaimed books. It’s even trending on Twitter.   Now, everyone is jumping on the bandwagon, including B2B marketing teams. In this post, we’ll look at how a couple of companies are taking advantage of trend marketing and how you can do… Read More »Trend Advertising: Game of Thrones Edition