sdr team

Why Outsource Your SDR Team

As a head of sales for a tech company, you want to spend more time closing the deal rather than generating leads and prospecting. Sound like you? Then it may be time to think about outsourcing your SDR team. Read on to find out exactly what an outsourced SDR team can do and how it can fit into your organization. What does an SDR Team Do?  Build pipeline An SDR… Read More »Why Outsource Your SDR Team
marketing agency

How To Choose A Marketing Agency

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Major corporations might have the resources available to operate their own marketing departments, but the vast majority of businesses are often lacking the resources and expertise to successfully drive marketing initiatives. For most companies looking to generate leads and increase brand awareness, it’s critical they hire a marketing agency. If how to choose a marketing agency eludes you or you need a practical blueprint to follow, here are some valuable… Read More »How To Choose A Marketing Agency
linkedin inmail

LinkedIn InMail Tips, Tricks, Best Practices

You’re likely very familiar with LinkedIn, but you may not know much about InMail. InMail is LinkedIn’s system for direct messages.  Even if you are familiar with LinkedIn InMail, you might not have considered using InMail for lead generation. In this blog, we highlight why LinkedIn is useful and certain things to do as a marketer to get the most out of the tool. Why LinkedIn Is Such A Useful… Read More »LinkedIn InMail Tips, Tricks, Best Practices
abm introduction

ABM: An Introduction To Account-Based Marketing

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Is ABM Right For You? As companies and brands rely more heavily on technology to deliver value, the need for personalization has become imperative to building and growing customer relationships. To stay competitive in the B2B landscape, organizations must shift from a lead-centric mentality to an account-centric mentality. Enter Account-Based Marketing (ABM). ABM is an increasingly popular strategic marketing approach. It goes beyond lead generation and allows digital marketers to effectively… Read More »ABM: An Introduction To Account-Based Marketing

Lead follow-up best practices: mix up your contact methods

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No matter how well your business is going, it can always use more leads. But it isn’t just about “getting leads.” You also have to keep them engaged and maintain contact to encourage conversion and prevent them from slipping away. That’s why a coordinated lead follow-up strategy is a must for any business determined to stay ahead of the competition.  What is lead follow-up?  Even the most successful lead generation… Read More »Lead follow-up best practices: mix up your contact methods
Appointment Setting for B2B Sales

The art of B2B appointment setting

Having a good understanding of B2B appointment setting allows you to generate quality leads, close deals faster and boost your ROI. If you want to get the best results, you definitely want to make sure you’re taking the right approach. Corporate decision makers are busy and inundated with offers. It takes skill and expertise to reach them and convince them that your offer is the solution they need. The basics… Read More »The art of B2B appointment setting
The number of businesses with a dedicated sales enablement role has grown by 30% in the past 5 years.

Sales enablement strategies

Sales enablement is now in full swing within the B2B world. The number of businesses with a dedicated sales enablement role has grown by 30 percent in the past five years. It’s a must-have function in B2B and crucial to building a strong business. For those unfamiliar with the term, it’s a newly coined phrase referring to a range of practices (i.e. sales enablement strategies) that aim to facilitate sales.… Read More »Sales enablement strategies
We discuss the basics of intent-based marketing.

The Basics of Intent-based Marketing

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Intent-based marketing has become a big thing in the marketing world, and for a good reason. It brings results. Changes in the the buyer’s journey make it tough for marketers to target the right prospects and define what motivates them. Intent-based marketing helps businesses predict purchase intent through an in-depth analysis of user behavior. What is intent-based marketing? With the ever-rising expectations across the buyer’s journey, understanding your audience is… Read More »The Basics of Intent-based Marketing
hubspot inbound 2018 top takeaways

HubSpot Inbound 2018: Top Takeaways

HubSpot Inbound 2018 was a whirlwind of neon lights, celebrity speakers, and valuable digital marketing insights. Now that we’ve all had some time to digest the various sessions we attended, I’ve put together our biggest takeaways from HubSpot Inbound 2018: Marketing and sales need to be better friends Across keynotes, breakout sessions, when speaking to vendors and other Inbound attendees, this was the biggest deal. Marketing and sales need to… Read More »HubSpot Inbound 2018: Top Takeaways