a guide to lead scoring best practices

Lead Scoring Best Practices: A Beginner’s Guide

Lead scoring is a system of scoring leads based on interest, interaction, and qualification. Individual interactions and information are assigned values; when customers take an action or provide information, those attached values create an individual lead score number. While this is a great tool for building marketing and sales campaigns, there is a lot to[…]

achieving sales goals

Achieving Sales Goals: How to Ensure you Reach Your Monthly Targets

As a sales professional, you enjoy being ambitious and achieving sales goals. But how do you ensure you reach those monthly targets? We’ve got a few recommendations for you that will help make attaining those ambitious goals more realistic. Are your goals SMART? Before you can sign off on a goal for yourself, determine if[…]

3 Strategies to Optimize Your LinkedIn Ads

Social media marketing for B2B businesses has become an important part of the paid advertising puzzle. LinkedIn is especially popular in the B2B space. As social media becomes more ingrained in our culture, businesses are testing these platforms to not only bring in new sales, but also to nurture leads in their existing databases. Every[…]

understanding your customers needs

Quick Tip: Understanding Your Customers’ Needs

Interested in understanding your customers’ needs? If you’ve done all of your research and created specific, targeted buyer personas, then you know exactly what your buyers are reading. But are you taking the time to read it yourself? Here’s are some quick tips for digesting what your buyers are reading on a regular basis so[…]