Founded in 2014, DemandZEN is a family-oriented business that values problem-solving, effective communication, and owning our results. The DemandZEN team is comprised of cold callers, marketers, and salespeople dedicated to helping technology companies grow and prosper. DemandZEN acts as an extension of your team. And we provide demand generation solutions for technology companies looking to aggressively expand their revenue opportunities.

Our Leadership

Bart has a startup bad habit. DemandZEN is his 10th. Between them, Bart and Amanda have been actively working with startups for 40 years! They met after Amanda made a cold call to Bart while he worked at EvoApp. Afterwards, Bart hired her twice more (including ScaleIO).

Amanda and Bart work actively to grow DemandZEN. Amanda has a daughter and Bart has four kids. Between the two of them, they also have three bunnies. Only two of them are named Marshmallow (the bunnies, not the children)!